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About Us

Just HMC is the only online takeaway service provider who gives peace of mind to its HMC customers. We only put HMC certified restaurants and takeaways on our website. We take the time to filter the many takeaway providers so our customers don't have to waist theirs. We validate and allow ease of access to the many great HMC takeaway bodies.

Please note that we are not a certifying body, but we are and we will be monitoring the halal monitoring committee website on daily basis, 24/7, to insure that all restaurants and takeaaways are HMC qualified. And if one of the restaurants or takeaways are revoked, then we will postpone their services with us temporarily until they're once against certified. And as stated in our service agreement contract, if a restaurant or takeaway is revoked permantely, then we will terminate the contract with the revoked restaurant or takeaway with immediate effect.